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WorldCent.com, a division of Platinum Media Inc., offers a complete suite of services designed to meet special needs for publicity and marketing promotions.  Our creative Web-based solutions help companies reach a premium audience of global consumers by placing them in a prestige environment.

Internet marketing strategies have been demonstrated to increase business profits exponentially.  With a proven track record in the global business community and a finely honed sensitivity to issues of local penetration, WorldCent is positioned to give its business partners unparalleled support in identifying and “annexing” new markets worldwide.

WorldCent.com operates on a global basis with a distinctive, widely recognized “brand.” Our business model enables us to provide our clients with speed, flexibility and consistency around the world whether the site is being viewed in Argentina or Zimbabwe .

WorldCent.com offers a winning mix of conventional and digital media advertising.  Our clients capitalize on our success and use your services to expose their businesses to global markets.  The enhanced presence makes the potential for growth explode exponentially.



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